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Friday, 4 October 2019

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Seven Great Ways to Improve Your Attitude

What Is Attitude?

What is attitude? Quite simply, it is a point of view, an outlook on life that directs your inner energy toward outer manifestation and results. Attitude acts like a gyroscope that sets the orientation of your energy flow. Specifically, your attitude is your tendency of moving toward one thing among all things, in one direction to the exclusion of all other possible directions. It sets your course and predicts where you'll soon be in your life.

As children, whenever it would snow, my friends and I liked to play, "who can walk the straightest line?" We'd set a brief course from a starting point to a destination across the yard. Most of my friends would make their respective treks by looking at their feet and measuring the straightness of their path by looking back at the steps they'd just made. When they finally reached the end, their journey could be measured by anything but a straight line. There were little, sometimes gross, deviations all along the way.