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Saturday, 10 August 2019

9 Tips To Help Time Management Skills

Experiencing work overload? Trust me you are not alone. A lot of people get way in over their head trying to balance work, friends, and family. You must organize your tasks in a way that you can be the most productive. This also helps performance and reduces stress. Managing time is something that you must develop. Because everyone lives their own life, it will be a different process for each person. It is all a matter of finding what works best for you.

Here are a few different options that I have put together in order to help you get started.

Scheduling- Start to carry around a planner or notebook with you to list your tasks. These days all phones have a notepad or app of some sort. Use them as your day goes on and things come to mind. You can even start each day with a "To Do" list so you can try to map out your day accordingly. Make sure you are being realistic with what you can accomplish.

Early Start- Early risers are those who prosper. You must maximize your day when opportunities and resources are present to get things done. Getting up early allows you to plan with a clear head before you get going.

Deadlines- Once you find tasks or projects then set a deadline in order to get them completed. The deadline should be ahead of when the task needs to be done so you can have some time to adjust if necessary. Make sure you challenge yourself to stick with the set deadline and get it accomplished.

Prioritize- When you start making lists of tasks, make sure you put the important tasks first. It should go from most urgent to least urgent. A lot of time can be spent on unimportant tasks and that should be eliminated. These tasks can run over into the next day if necessary. Focus on the significant tasks first.

Procrastination- This can have an effect on work and personal life. You waste precious energy and time. Putting things off only creates unnecessary stress and a low productivity rate. Everything is about quality and this will definitely kill you in that category.

Stress- When you try to take on too much it'll cause stress. You will lose productivity and you will feel exhausted in the process. You have to focus and concentrate which is hard if you have a lot going on or you are trying to do more than one thing at a time. Find a way to be comfortable and efficient so then you can relax and regroup without any issues.

Multitasking- I am guilty of this probably more than anybody but eliminate it! multitasking is not efficient in most cases. I am sure you do much better when you focus and concentrate in one area. Multitasking destroys productivity and adds a lot of room for error.

Breaks- You have to give it a rest sometimes. Taking a break is definitely necessary to avoid stress and add value. It doesn't have to be long but a 10 minute break well help you significantly. Taking a walk, going to eat, listening to music, are all examples of good escapes for a little while to prepare you for the next step.

NO!- Learn to turn down work if you aren't able to accomplish it. Don't try and overload yourself knowing it won't get done. This adds stress and ultimately you will burnout at some point, not to mention your performance suffers. Saying no isn't running and hiding from responsibilities, it's being smart.