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Sunday, 11 August 2019

7 Great Ways to Stay Positive Around Negative People

You wake up in a positive mood and feeling great about how everything is going in your day. You feel excited and happy what today has to bring. You see the best out of every situation. You have a very positive outlook on life and enjoy life to the fullest. Then you speak to someone who is having a negative outlook and is draining you of your positive energy. They are having an awful day or always sees the negative in everything they see or do and bringing you down. Being around pessimistic people can impact you in a negative way which can lead you to feeling frustrated or leading you down the path of misery yourself.

Even though it is challenging to stay upbeat around negative situations, with the right mental tools you can still keep positive no matter who and what you are faced with these 7 great ways to stay positive around negative people will keep that smile on your face.

1. Don't take it personally.

What is being said to you is being said in the heat of that moment and what they feel at that time is maybe not what they would feel after or on reflection. The other person maybe having a bad day or week and you may have just got caught in that moment that they express themselves in how they feel. You maybe unaware of this and it's good to not take every word or action personally.

2. Create a bubble.

A good tool to use if someone raises their voice or comes out with a range of emotions about their day, is make a bubble around yourself to protect you. By creating your imaginary bubble you are still listening but creating a protection around you to not let their emotions or thoughts get through to you on a subconscious level. It also allows you to distance yourself from their emotion. Which leads you to not taking anything what they say personally.

3. Stay in the moment of positivity.

Even though it's easy to slip into the negative mood that surrounds you, it is more powerful and beneficial to stay positive as it helps you to continue your day more efficiently but also to help the other person. By staying neutral in the situation of not being taken in by the others person's emotions it can be empowering for you but also for the other person. As you are showing them another way to look at the situation by not creating or being involved with that emotion. This is not always the case but is a lot better than mirroring their thoughts and behaviour.

4. Focus on yourself.

Focus on you rather than the other person. It is only yourself that you can change and not the other person. You can control how you act, how you react and most importantly what you focus on. Focus on your positive feelings that you had before and recharge those feelings. Bring light into your body and mind. Imagine a light shining through your mind coming from the crown of your head and going through all your body. Ask yourself these questions:

• How am I reacting to this situation?
• How can I make that reaction more positive?

5. Reverse your reaction.
When someone is being negative towards you such as negative talk, shouting, passive aggressive, arguing etc- be the opposite and be positive. By doing this you are choosing to not allow what is happening to affect you and bounce off of you (in your bubble) and taking control of the situation than letting the other person taking you down with them. It is challenging to not go with them but so much more rewarding for you and maybe them to take the positive route. Sometimes when you stay positive and the other person will either mirror you or have a little hope in the situation they are in.

6. Choosing your moment to help.

If you know the person or have a connection you may want to help this person. Choose your moment to offer advice. It maybe not that moment, that day, that week. Even when you want to dive in and solve the other person's problems by giving them all the answers or go out your way to making them feel better. All you are doing is draining yourself especially when someone is in a moment of no hope or feeling sorry for themselves. I'm not saying don't give people advice and support but choose your moment when they have come back down from their emotions and being in their heads. Sometimes they need time to reflect and look back than deal with the situation head on.

7. Practise gratitude.

Being grateful is very rewarding and can be very challenging to do. When mastered it is a powerful tool to keep with you. It is quite easy to stay positive in a happy, joyful situation but by being with a negative person or situation you are practising and strengthening your skill. When presented with these challenging times we can be thankful for the opportunity to practise positive thinking.

If you know the person who is being negative remember the times when they have been positive. Remember this is a behaviour and not their core self and this will change especially if they are a positive person most of the time. Sometimes people air their frustrations and feel better afterwards so make sure your bubble is around you so you don't absorb any of these emotions.

Staying positive around negative people is very challenging, but putting in place these seven tips makes even the most negative situation easier to face. No matter what situation you are faced with it's important to remember: a positive attitude is always an option for you to choose. You have the power from within to make it a positive day!