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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

How to Boost Your Self-Esteem When You're Having a Bad Day

What is it about a bad day that can take the wind out of your sails and make you feel so drained?
Your mindset controls your moods and hence your level of energy. How a bad day is labeled as 'bad' - is completely due to your internal language. Bad days often begin with things happening that were not expected (for instance, missing a train, breaking a bag, misplacing keys) and these things can create a mindset that things are not going to go well today. As you focus on all the things that begin to go wrong, your level of agitation and frustration rises and this drains your energy. In addition your internal language becomes more negative and self critical - which can result in further energy depletion and even depression.

Some of the common symptoms after a bad day
Do you ever feel drained, hopeless, or unmotivated? One of the common emotional responses to a bad day are feelings of hopelessness. One of the most common thoughts are that nothing is going to go right. Poor motivation then sets in because you feel you have been kicked whilst trying to get up and hence self protection sets in - to avoid further disappointment.
Someone with a higher self-esteem will see the bad day for what it is - just a bad day where things didn't go their way. However, with less resilience many people start to feel defeated as a result of a negative series of events and subsequently need something good to occur to shake them out of their negative mindset. An example of this might be, that whilst travelling on the train that was running late, a little toddler begins to laugh so loudly, you can't help but start laughing too.

So what are your fun and helpful tips you could use to rebound after a bad day?
One of the easiest and most simple things you can do to shake off your bad mood, is to try to find the ridiculous humour in the day. Find ways to laugh at how crazy the series of events have been and try to find the funny side if possible. If the day has been particularly bad, remind yourself that every day offers the opportunity for a new beginning. Remember to focus on what went right today.
It's often easy to see things through a negative filter and to assume nothing went right. However, this is rarely accurate. By putting the day into perspective and reminding yourself that you can always make things better, you can let the bad day go and start fresh tomorrow. The key is to regain control of your thinking patterns, so that you feel hopeful and in control on your day ahead once more.

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