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Saturday, 24 August 2019

Your True M.O.T.I.V.E. - 6 Ways To Tell Whether Your Goal Is Really Realistic

When we want to achieve a specific objective in life, whether it's to start a business, become a certain sort of person, improve our health, increase our confidence, one of the ways we can do this is to look at setting a goal.

Often, however, the goals we set ourselves aren't achieved. And there could be numerous factors that contribute to this, one of which could be that your goal wasn't realistic given who and where you are in your life right now.

We need to set bigger and bigger goals if we're to succeed in life and create the life we want. However, we also need to look at how we're going to get from here to there. If our goal is beyond what we see as being realistic, we risk dismissing it before we've event started to work towards it.

A popular model for goal establishment and achievement is the SMART approach. The 'R' of the SMART model stands for 'Realistic'. The others, as you may well know, stand for specific, measurable, achievable and time delimited.

But how do we know whether a goal is realistic or not? Perhaps we need to have a look at our true M.O.T.I.V.E. for achieving a particular goal, and see how realistic that goal really is. Five useful areas to question may well be the following:

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Friday, 23 August 2019

Becoming a Leader - 4 Keys to Personal Growth

Becoming a leader is possible with the right information, the right mentor, and the right association. At some point in your life you may be called to be a leader whether that is in your home, your business, your church, your community, in a business or in your social groups. Will you be ready? In this article you will discover the 4 keys to personal growth which will help you be able to step up to the plate when you are asked to be a leader.

4 Keys To Personal Growth And Becoming A Leader

I believe the 4 keys to personal growth and to becoming a leader, and I am speaking from my own personal experience, is:

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